It was fun times down in South Beach on Saturday. The Brooklyn Nets took on the Miami Heat and got a huge win and made another statement. The Nets have now demoralized the Milwaukee Bucks by beating Giannis and co. with just Kyrie Irving, who dropped 38 in a win there without the help of Kevin Durant. And the Nets throttled both the Philadelphia 76ers and now Miami Heat this month, neither of those recent games were remotely competitive. Only the Boston Celtics, among the East's top contenders have been left unscathed recently. As Kyrie Irving might say, let's bookmark that one with our scorned ex-girlfriend.  

At one point in the 110-95 win, Andre Drummond picked off a Kyle Lowry pass, and on his way for a transition dunk, he flashed the peace sign to Tyler Herro giving chase, before throwing it down:

We did not expect that. It was almost too hard to tell what happened live, and maybe that's how he got away with what some are calling a taunting violation. Thank goodness they didn't call that. The officials can be uptight enough already.

In case you're not an NFL person, the other pro team in Miami, the Dolphins, recently executed a blockbuster sign-and-trade with the Kansas City Chiefs, landing one of the best wide receivers in football, Tyreek Hill.

Here is one of Hill's patented taunts, he throws up “the deuce,” as Sarah Kustok exclaimed on the YES Network broadcast when she saw what Drummond did. Hill routinely flashes a peace sign to a trailing, far-less-fast defender, as if to say “peace ya'll, I'm out” or as road runner might say “meep meep.” Like so:

After the game, Drummond who was in good spirits, brought out his daughter Aubrey. But she wasn't in the mood to answer any tough questions about the pending Play-In tourney or Kyrie Irving's future:

But after they found Auntie and Mommy, Drummond gave us the low-down on the celebration. It was apparently unscripted.

So what did we see out there Drum? “Well, I think it's self explanatory,” Drummond said with a chuckle. Seeing someone 6-10, 280 LBS do that gives the whole thing another vibe from when Hill does it.

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Have you ever done that before? “Nah, I don't know what made me do it, maybe 'cause Tyreek Hill is coming here [to the Miami Dolphins], s–t just happened, I don't know,” Drummond added this time with a bigger laugh.

Head coach Steve Nash praised Big Penguin for setting the tone, energy wise in this one. His 13 points, 11 rebound, 2 steal game was huge. He has been a major addition to the Nets team, coming over in the Ben Simmons-James Harden deal along with Seth Curry.

Curry finished with 17 points, draining 5 of his 6 triples. That dude is scorching hot. Another one of Drummond's steals, led to one of those five bombs from Little Havana:


So has Drummond's coast-to-coast ball-handling earned him more reps at point?

“I'm going to pretend you never said that,” Steve Nash said to the mischievous reporter. Doesn't sound like we'll see much point-Drummond later vs.the Hornets Sunday.

Kevin Durant loved the moment also. KD finished with 23 points, 3 steals, a block, and 5 dimes. The Nets were flying all over the place defensively, stymying the Heat.

“It was definitely hilarious in the moment,” KD said. “I mean I just like how aggressive Dre is playing right now. He's just pretty much clogging up the paint for us, rebounding, finishing well. So that was one of those plays where he deserved to get out on the fast break and show ya'll a little something. He's been playing great basketball for us and we need him to continue,” KD said. “Yeah, I guess we're all trying to get a emos on 2k.” That last bit sounds like an NBA 2k reference.

So we can only hope that we see another pick-six by Penguin. Because that was certainly a fun moment seeing a dude that big fly like that and impersonate the fastest player in the NFL. You know the Dolphins newest and richest receiver is going to be a Nets fan now. And someday, little Aubrey Drummond can say she was part of the post-game press conference the night her daddy threw up the Tyreek-style-deuce at Tyler Herro before throwing down a rim-rocking dunk in a clutch Nets win. Epic.