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Nets star Kevin Durant takes himself out of greatest scorer debate against Michael Jordan

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A heated debate between Max Kellerman and Kendrick Perkins ensued during a First Take episode on who’s the greatest scorer of all time between Michael Jordan and Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant.

The debate trickled onto Twitter, where a fan laid out his argument on why Durant could overtake Jordan as the greatest offensive talent ever. Word finally reached Durant and the Nets star took himself out of the discussion.

Peep the tweets below to see the different arguments of each party. Each one had some pretty interesting points. Durant himself joined the debate. But instead of justifying why he’s the best scorer of all time, he heaped praise on Jordan. In fact, he admitted that he’s still studying Jordan’s games up to this day.

Almost every single player in the NBA has pointed out that Jordan is their idol — the main reason why they harbored dreams to make it big. Like the Nets superstar, the likes of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant saw Jordan as the gold standard of basketball. Bryant himself, who looked up to Jordan as his big brother, notoriously took his moves and made him his own. On the other hand, James has admitted many times that Jordan is his favorite player and the reason why he wears no. 23.

To be fair with analysts like Perkins and Kellerman, their debates are just a way to keep NBA fans interested. The offseason can be tough for basketball diehards, so they need to stir things up. But at the end of the day, current NBA players have a good amount of respect for those who came before them.