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Nets star Kyrie Irving claps back at disrespectful Twitter meme with ultimate flex

Nets, Kyrie Irving

To say that Kyrie Irving has been heavily criticized for the saga he has dragged the Brooklyn Nets into would be a complete understatement. As it turns out, however, the embattled star is not immune to all the hate he’s been receiving. A case in point is how Kyrie decided to savagely clap back at a disrespectful meme that was thrown in his direction.

Barstool Sports posted a rather hilarious (and somewhat accurate) meme of The Joker from the highly-popular Batman film, The Dark Knight. This was the scene wherein Heath Ledger’s iconic character blows up a hospital building. The tweet said that this was an accurate representation of how Kyrie leaves all of his teams in shambles.

Irving was having none of the slander, and the Nets superstar decided to clap back by shamelessly flexing his career achievements:

“*NBA champion and *Gold medalist * Kyrie Irving

“Just thought the statement needed a correction as y’all continue to make money off of my NAME and countless others,” Irving wrote in his response.

Well, Kyrie isn’t wrong here. He has indeed proven how outstanding he is as a basketball player. That’s actually not the problem here. What the critics are pointing out is that Irving has put the Nets in such a precarious situation with his contract extension drama — and this isn’t the first time.