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Kyrie Irving goes on yet another strange rant

Nets, Kyrie Irving

The offseason would not have been complete without a typically strange Kyrie Irving moment. Well, the Brooklyn Nets superstar gifted all of us with just that in his latest rant on social media.

Irving dropped some of his familiar philosophical message in what appears to be a response to the criticism he has been receiving of late:

We’re not even sure what Irving is talking about here to be perfectly honest. Something unpleasant (in his mind, at least) obviously triggered him, and he decided to air out his frustration on social media.

If we were to take a swing at it, though, then Irving is likely referring to the $25,000 fine he and the Nets were recently dealt with for refusing to speak to the media. According to reports, the NBA slapped Irving with a hefty fine for not making himself available for several media interviews. For one reason or another, the six-time All-Star didn’t feel like facing the press, and this resulted in quite a hefty penalty for him.

It is also worth noting, that Irving’s name has been dragged into several trade rumors. With James Harden declaring the Nets as a potential landing spot, news have surfaced that the Houston Rockets would only be willing to deal their cornerstone superstar to Brooklyn if Irving (or Kevin Durant) was involved in the deal. We’re sure Kyrie Irving has caught wind of these whispers, which could also be a reason why he appears to be on edge of late.