The supposed Brooklyn Nets dynasty has likely been over for awhile, but things officially came crashing down on them with their trade that sent Kevin Durant to the Phoenix Suns. Reactions came pouring in as a result of this unexpected blockbuster deal, but the funniest one of them all may belong to Robin Lopez.

Lopez has spent the 2022-23 season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he's watched from afar how the Nets have completely fallen apart over the past few years with their supposed super team of Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden. Lopez noted a similar thing happened in “The Muppets Take Manhattan” movie, and the similarities between the two led to a hilarious reaction from Lopez.

Via Robin Lopez:

“This is just like that time in Muppets Take Manhattan when the Muppets, after unsuccessfully attempting to take Manhattan, split up and leave Manhattan.”

You can't exactly argue with the accuracy of this analogy from Lopez. Durant, Irving, and Harden tried to take control of the Nets franchise, but failed miserably, and within two seasons, all three of them had departed Brooklyn to find new homes, which is strikingly similar to the plot of “The Muppets Take Manhattan”, aside from the fact that the Muppets do eventually reunite.

It doesn't seem like any reunion is in store for these three players anytime soon, though, so it looks like Lopez's analogy does have a bit of a loophole if you want to be super technical about it. Still, this is a shocking turn of events, and it should make for a crazy Trade Deadline day in the NBA. But it's clear Lopez's reaction here is one of the better ones we have seen in the aftermath of this huge deal.