The main theme for the Brooklyn Nets over the past few seasons has been problem solving, and incoming head coach Steve Nash is fully aware of this. Now that the Nets training camp for the 2020-2021 season is in full swing, there seems to be another beard-shaped cloud looming over Brooklyn as rumors relating the Rockets' James Harden with the Nets continue to amp up.

As of writing, it's still unclear where Harden wants to play when the season tips off. Steve Nash, as the first-year NBA head coach of the Nets, chose to finally address the elephant in the room everyone has been talking about.

“I guess we let the elephant be,” Steve Nash explained on Monday (via The New York Post). “I love our guys and hopefully they all feel really valued and wanted and respected. We have so many guys that bring so much to the table.”

Of course it's easy to say this given that Steve Nash has quite the group of guys over in the south side of New York. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will finally be hitting the floor together this season as they try to compete for an NBA title. Durant and Irving will also have the likes of DeAndre Jordan, Caris LeVert, Jarett Allen and Spencer Dinwiddie.

Obviously, even with this talented group, anyone will be nuts to pass on a chance to snag a former MVP and the league's reigning scoring champ in Harden but those are things Steve Nash is trying his best not to focus on.

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“When I’m in the gym with them every day I feel fortunate. So hopefully they feel that, and they don’t feel that we’re looking out the window at greener pastures, because we love what we have here and hopefully our behavior every day emits that and guys feel comfortable, valued and supported and striving for something individually and collectively,” Steve Nash added.

This is just the newest chapter of the James Harden offseason saga, as Steve Nash is well aware of.