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Nets’ Steve Nash reacts to losing Kevin Durant to thigh injury vs. Heat

Steve Nash, Kevin Durant, Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have had an incredibly odd season. Especially in regards to their newly assembled big three of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving. They have hardly played with all three, and half the time they have only had just one of them in the lineup. With the new injury to Kevin Durant, Nets’ head coach Steve Nash confirms it is simply business as usual.

The Nets are 38-18 and solidly second in the Eastern Conference. They have maintained this success despite the constant absences from their stars. That is one of the many benefits of having three offensive juggernauts as they do; they can always have an above-average offensive engine on the floor.

The injuries, while numerous, have also given Nash and his staff plenty to experiment with, and it will likely pay dividends in the playoffs. Nash has solid knowledge of what every player on his roster offers and he’ll be able to structure the playoff rotation accordingly.

The biggest key for the Nets in the postseason will be maintaining health and stamina for their stars. A championship Brooklyn team will have a fully healthy roster and the stars playing at full strength. This injury to KD, with just 15 games remaining in the season is very worrying for the Nets’ title hopes, but they will likely use the time for him to rest and get right for the postseason.

Nets head coach Steve Nash has done an excellent job coaching this season and it tends to go overlooked. He has handled these injuries in stride and always given his team a chance to compete. He will have to work that magic again with Durant out and the Nets being one game back from the one seed.