Kyrie Irving is the NBA embodiment of chaos. After a relatively quiet last couple of months, he dropped another bomb on the Brooklyn Nets with a trade demand ahead of the February 9 NBA deadline.

At the end of the day, the Nets don't have to trade him if they don't find anything worthwhile in return. As of writing, they still hold a top four seed in the East with Kevin Durant's return from injury just around the corner. But according to Stephen A. Smith on a recent episode of NBA Countdown, his sources have indicated that Kyrie Irving could go full tilt on his demand by sitting out the season if he isn't moved.

“Kyrie Irving is prepared to sit out the rest of the season if need be,” said Smith. “That's what I'm being told. I don't know whether I believe that, but that's what people are saying.”

It's one thing for Stephen A. Smith to divulge what the sources are telling him, and it's another to hear his vociferous objection to Kyrie Irving's entire modus operandi. The ESPN analyst blasted the Nets guard for his “idiotic” move that further hurts his already polarizing at best reputation.

“Idiotic… All we ever questioned was: can the man go the rest of the season without being any kind of distraction, if he's gonna have a chance to get his money. And lo and behold he pulls this,” Smith said on Kyrie Irving.

Given his talent on the court, teams are still weighing whether the risk is worth the potential reward on a Kyrie Irving trade. But all this drama will undoubtedly impact the contract he's able to garner in the offseason.