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Auburn, Bryan Harsin, Brett Rypien

New Auburn head coach Bryan Harsin could be a quarterback whisperer

The Auburn Tigers made moves in the College Football world when they announced the hire of Bryan Harsin from Boise State.

On the daily Locked On Auburn podcast, Zac Blackerby, Michael Pappas, and Lance Dawe discussed the news. Pappas pointed out the ridiculous improvement that quarterbacks saw at Boise State while Harsin was the head coach. The improvement that was most noticeable was from Denver Broncos quarterback Brett Rypien. His numbers shot up over his college career.

Pappas: The other thing that I guess I wanted to look at was the run with Brett Rypien at Boise State. In the four years that he played, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, he went from 3,353 and 20 touchdowns in 2015, 2646 yards and threw for 24 touchdowns in 2016, in 2017 he was on pace to have higher numbers before he got hurt and ended up with 2,877 yards and threw for 16 touchdowns, and then in 2018, he had 3,700 yards and thirty touchdowns. Again, you can see marked improvement every season under Harsin. The same type of thing could happen at Auburn. And when you go through and look at the full run at Boise that Boise State was winning big games. Granted, it is easy to say that those teams stink but they are still very big games for Boise. In 2014, they won the Fiesta Bowl against 12th ranked Arizona. In 2015, they beat Washington, and they went to Virginia and won. In 2016, they beat Washington State, Oregon State, and BYU. In 2017, they beat Oregon in their bowl game, then in 2019, they won at Florida State.