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New World release date: Amazon games are still a thing, apparently

Amazon, New World

Amazon Game Studios finally has a new release date for their upcoming MMO, New World. After some confusion on when the game will actually launch, the devs finally settled on August 31, 2021.


Through the release of a dev update video, head game designer Scott Lane revealed New World‘s release date. After switching around between May 2020, then to August 2020, to just “Spring 2021,” we finally have the August 31, 2021 release date.

Lane explained that the latest delay is for new features that they want to include in New World. “Last summer,” explains Lane, “we communicated that… the team was going to focus on adding more mid and end-game content.” Among these features, we can say that Ebonscale Reach, a new end-game zone, is most notable. Other features include 5-player PvE instanced dungeons called “Expeditions.” There will also be massive 20vs20 PvP battles called “Outpost Rush.” It will also have a revamped crafting system, and more importantly, fishing.

“We’ve identified a few very compelling features that just wouldn’t make that time frame, and we believe that these features are going to transform the game.” Long story short, Amazon Game Studios don’t plan to release New World until those features have been fully integrated.

Lane says that those who have played the hands-on preview last summer will find new features to enjoy. They can experience these when the game enters open beta this July. They’ve also made adjustments to current content, such as the Reekwater end-game zone. These changes will make sure that the end-game experience is the best it could be.

Amazon Game Studios seem to be doing really well with New World. However, it has made considerable losses in the company’s foray into video games. Previously, Amazon canceled big-budget games such as Breakaway and Crucible, years into their development. That’s a lot of money down the drain.