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New York Giants: 3 Burning Questions Heading Into Training Camp

The New York Giants will enter their 2019-20 NFL Training Camp asking themselves what can they do to improve on a 5-11 season from last year? With Odell Beckham finally gone, who will become the main target? Can Saquan Barkley duplicate his magic from 2018? And most importantly, what’s going on with the QB situation? The Giants will need to find answers quick as the NFC East is being labeled as the division to be on the lookout for this upcoming season.

With Pat Shurmur entering his second year as head coach, he’s trying his best to get production out of players he didn’t draft or trade for. It takes a while for a team to take on the personality of their leader but that’s just what the Giants must do. This season could be the end of an era in NY where Eli Manning is concerned and what better way for him to go out a winner. But it all begins with how they attack their concerns in Camp.

Here are 3 Burning Question as the New York Giants Head Into Training Camp.

How Long Before Daniel Jones Replaces Eli Manning?

This has to be the season where the New York Giants make a stand. With Eli Manning getting up in years and the team moving toward a youth movement, when does that call get made? With the 6th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Giants selected their QB of the future in Daniel Jones. But with that selection came a ton of questions. Why trade Odell Beckham and why keep Manning?

Keeping Manning wild be wise if he’s there just to mentor. But the belief is that the Giants are trying to win and they feel the soon-to-be 16-year vet gives them their best chance. That’s one of the reasons why fans were a bit perplexed that they decided to trade Beckham. He’s one of the most electrifying players in the league and if looking to build a young core was their approach, why do it? But what happens if they start the season out flat? Will Pat Shurmur pull Manning and risk the backlash Ben McAdoo did or keep him in and slow down the rebuild?

Can The Defense Keep The Offense In Games?

The Giants are in a division where two of the four teams made the playoffs and if not for an injured QB, who knows, there may have been three. With that said, the Giants defense will need to step up big time. In 2018, the defense finished the season ranked 24th in yards per game allowed. The defense only registered 30 sacks on the year, tied for 30th in 2018. This has to change if the Giants are to make any moves up the standings in 2019.

If they continue to let teams hit the endzone early and often, that leaves the offense in a desperate position. No matter who the QB is for the G-Men, that will open the door for mistakes to happen. There will always be shootouts in the NFL, but the Giants offense is not set up to compete. It’s up to the defense to put the offense in position to score points to pad a lead.

How Much Is Too Much For Saquan Barkley?

The Giants must be careful here. Running backs are no longer built like Emmit Smith, Roger Craig, Barry Sanders or Jerome Bettis. With Barkley being the talented runner he is, the Giants may want to limit his touches this coming season. In 2018, Barkley attempted 261 rushes and caught 91 passes. With most of the receiving core on the injured list, Barkley was asked to do it all. How much of that does he have in him?

At this rate, he could become the next Jamaal Charles, but even he wore down. If Barkley is to extend his career to close to the 10-year mark, the Giants must address their offensive line, QB, and receivers. Getting a quality backup is important as well. A two set back will allow Barkley more targets out the backfield and less wear and tear as he tries to shoot the A-Gap behind a suspect O Line.