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New York players call for help to address surveillance cameras in locker room

Jets, surveiilance cameras

New York Jets players recently learned that there was surveillance equipment hidden in smoke detectors in the team locker room. Jets players and their representatives already alerted the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) in recent weeks about the incident.

Via The Daily News:

“The NFLPA immediately went to inform the league regarding the matter back in late October. The NFL claimed in the past week on behalf of the Jets that cameras have been in and adjacent to the locker room since 2008 when the team relocated from Long Island to a new training facility in Florham Park, New Jersey, according to sources. The league concluded that players were aware of the cameras, and thus, the cameras were compliant with league rules, sources said.”

It turned out that previous Jets players including those from the 2008 season that moved into the new workspace were unaware that cameras were in the locker room. None of the players recalled team officials informing them of cameras in the locker room and none of them consented to be videotaped in what is supposedly a private space.

The NFL and NFLPA previously agreed to set stricter COVID-19 protocols last month to ensure that team personnel would adhere to safety measures. Additional video surveillance was implemented in common and public areas at team facilities.

The use and placement of cameras at team facilities was a bargained addendum between the league and union. However, there is no provision in the Collective Bargaining Agreement about placing cameras in private areas like the locker room or showers and bathrooms.

The emerging case adds another straw to the countless troubles that the Jets organization has faced in recent memory. Hopefully, the team’s brass will be able to address the situation and remain committed to general manager Joe Douglas’ vision to “create the best culture in sports.”