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NFL star WR Antonio Brown releases his debut single

Antonio Brown

While eight NFL teams are getting in last-minute preparation for their respective playoff bouts, one of the league’s greatest talents is releasing a debut single. On Saturday, free-agent receiver Antonio Brown released his debut single, yes, really

The song, produced by “Renegade,” is titled “Whole Lotta Money.” Naturally, it’s based on Brown having, well, a whole lot of money.

In the song, Brown continuously repeats that he’s got a whole lot of money in an autotune voice. That’s called continuity with a title if you’ve ever heard it.

There isn’t much to the song, except for Brown announcing that he does — in fact — have a whole lot of money. The beat is nothing to write home about; the lyrics are unoriginal and repetitive; overall, it sounds like somebody (with a whole lot of money) had some time on his hands.

“Better keep me on the wall, yeah acknowledge me
I be strapped down to my drawers, to my f—— cleats
They buying all my stock, invest in me,” Brown said.

Brown leaked the music video of his song on Dec. 23, when he posted a video of himself playing the guitar with a handful of women behind him.

Brown is at home watching the NFL playoffs and promoting his hastily-made debut single, where he flaunts his bank account instead of playing, in large part, because he created his demise. But, hey, at least he has a whole lot of money.

If there is anything good to grab from Brown’s song, it’s that it’s 1:51 minutes long.