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Browns’ JC Tretter, as NFLPA prez, claims NFL tried to ‘walk back’ concessions

JC Tretter, NFL, NFLPA, Browns

J.C. Tretter, the NFLPA president and center of the Cleveland Browns, has been very critical of the NFL’s handling of the 2020 season amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And he still isn’t holding back. While the NFL and NFLPA verbally agreed to a revised CBA ahead of the 2020 season, Tretter claims the league tried to ‘walk back’ some of the concessions of the deal.

“Especially this weekend but through the whole thing, the NFL wanted to kind of walk back a lot of the really good things we had gotten in the deal,” Tretter said, via ProFootballTalk. “And once they realized there were things they didn’t like, they wanted to change that. And we weren’t willing to move off the deal that we signed because we thought we had a really good deal. There were issues on the economics, there were issues on the safety protections that they wanted to make last-minute adjustments to that we just weren’t going to allow to be changed.”

As training camps are getting underway, the NFL and NFLPA finally came to an agreement on a CBA that complies with the implications of the coronavirus. Despite the league coming to terms with the NFLPA, they attempted to remove some of the positive aspects of the deal that pertained to the players.

Earlier this offseason, Tretter called out the NFL for how they were trying to fit COVID-19 around football and not the other way around. Even though the league is beginning to take the necessary precautions, Tretter is still skeptical of the NFL’s viewpoints.