NFL news: Coaches can return to team facilities on Friday
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NFL says coaches can return to team facilities on Friday

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NFL coaches will be allowed to return to team facilities starting Friday, June 5 according to a memo sent out by the NFL via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

According to the memo this still only applies to teams that have received permission from state and local governments to be open. There are only 100 people allowed in the facility at any given time, and that includes coaching staff members .

“This new order allows a total of up to 100 people in team facilities … subject again to state and local regulation and implementation of the protocols developed under the leadership of Dr. Sills.”

The memo also states that individuals who feel they are at a higher risk or are concerned about their wellbeing should talk to the team doctors.

“Coaches and other football staff, particularly those who may be in a higher risk category or who have concerns about their own health conditions, are expected to speak with the club medical staff or personal physician about any special precautions or other accommodations that may be appropriate for their particular circumstances.”

There are still a lot of questions about what the next couple of months will look like around the United States in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic. All signs still point towards the NFL season taking place on time, but there are a lot of questions that need to be answered before that happens. If anything else, this is a clear step in the right direction as the NFL looks to get closer to getting players in the facilities for training camps, and hopefully starting the season as originally planned.