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Donald Trump sends important message for sports leagues in wake of coronavirus

Donald Trump, NFL

According to Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald, President Donald Trump has sent an important message to sports leagues and the NFL in the wake of the coronavirus.

Basically, Trump is saying that the leagues need to get back because they were not built for this. Obviously, with games cancelled, they are making no revenue.

And that’s seriously hurting the leagues. However, there really isn’t much they can do about it at the moment. No one is going out, and it would be incredibly irresponsible to send players to go play the games.

Due to that, the leagues are in a very difficult spot at the moment.

Lucky for the NFL, they are currently in the offseason. That means they get to have business almost as usual. It’s not like everything is the same; the draft will be different, for example. But at least they have not had to cancel games yet like everyone else.

Leagues are definitely feeling it right now. And it would absolutely be great if they could get things back to normal soon. Or even some semblance of normal. That doesn’t seem very likely though.

It looks more like we are heading towards a pretty extended length of time with sports sort of put on hold.

What exactly this will mean for the NFL is still up in the air though. They have a few more months before the season actually starts. So there is still a lot of hope that the regular season for them will not be hurt.

We can do nothing but wait and see right now though.