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Report: NFL franchise and transition tag deadlines will be moved back

Roger Goodell, NFL

The NFL and NFLPA have been working to get a new collective bargaining agreement. It appears they’ve agreed to something at least.

The two sides have decided to move back the franchise tag and transition tags deadlines.

Both the transition tag and franchise tags are basically ways to keep a player you can’t come to an agreement with.

Usually, it is used on NFL players that want long-term deals, but the team isn’t ready to commit to that. It is also seen when a player is expected to leave the team but the franchise doesn’t want to let him go (or at least not let him go for free).

Now it appears they will have a little bit more time to ponder these.

That’s big news because it gives them more time to try and work out a deal without using a tag.

It also gives them more time to decide which player to use the tags on, as a number of NFL teams have multiple players that are candidates for the tags.

This also indicates a step forward. It is proof that the two sides can work together and get some things done. It’s progress. While this one thing may not seem like much, it could be a domino effect.

Now that they’ve agreed on something, maybe the rest will fall in place. Both sides will start to come together and maybe that CBA will be agreed upon sooner, rather than later.

Even if it isn’t though, this is still a step forward. This is still something that can be seen as a positive for both sides. And that’s something to be happy about for NFL fans.