NFL news: LaDainian Tomlinson surprised no 21st century RBs made all-time team
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LaDainian Tomlinson surprised no 21st century RBs made all-time team

LaDainian Tomlinson

There have been plenty of fantastic running backs who have graced the NFL through its 100 years of existence, so it’s understandable that not all running backs would be able to get into the preliminary list for the All-Time Team the league has been cooking up recently. However, LaDainian Tomlinson mentioned an obvious omission that the preliminary list made.

There were no players who were drafted in the 90s, and the former San Diego Charger was curious as to why there wasn’t any player who plied their trade in the turn of the century included in the team.

Tomlinson made an appearance on the NFL Network as an analyst of the All-Time Team when he made raised the question about the running back position.

“I’m surprised there are no 21st Century running backs on that list,” Tomlinson said, via Pro Football Talk’s Michael David Smith. “No guys drafted after 1990, so Emmitt Smith was the [most recent] guy drafted.”

It’s understandable why he thinks this way. There have been plenty of dominant running backs over the past two decades. During his time alone, there were players like Jamal Lewis, Curtis Martin, Tiki Barber, and Shaun Alexander who lit up the field with their scorching runs.

The 2010s also had their share of captivating running backs. Marshawn Lynch, Le’Veon Bell, Ezekiel Elliott, Adrian Peterson, and Frank Gore were also notable names in the NFL. The league wouldn’t be the sport Americans love if none of these men were present.

It’s great that the NFL wanted to honor the players of the past, but Tomlinson rightfully called out the committee for not including a name from the 21st century into the list. This century also has equally impactful players who can bring a crowd to life the same way these men can.