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League reveals full details on how training camp will work

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As the opening of the upcoming NFL season draws nearer, several question marks are slowly getting their answers by the day. The NFL and the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) have recently agreed on how the training camps will proceed. A memo was then sent out to all the players stating the different operational details the teams must follow.

NFL insider Tom Pelissero disclosed the developments on Twitter:

With the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans headlining the NFL kickoff game on September 10, both teams were also given a headstart to proceed with a different timetable. They will start and finish their pre-season on an earlier date compared to the rest of the league.

From July 28-31, three out of four days will be implemented with a coronavirus testing for the NFL players. The Acclimation Period is also scheduled from August 3-11 which will help the players ease into the system.  Time limitations were also set on the duration of players staying in the weight room and doing on-field conditioning.

A Gradual Ramp-Up Period is then set to roll out from August 12-16. During the first two days, helmets and approved protective shirts are already permitted but non-padded practice days (no live contact play, all customary practice activities) will only operate on the fourth and sixth day of the week. All players must also receive a day off in every seven days.

With all the safety parameters being set throughout the training camp thus far, it will definitely change the course of how football operations are being run in the league. Stricter rules and regulations are expected to be implemented once the upcoming 2020 season gets in full swing.