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Martellus Bennett says Aaron Rodgers has best arm, but Tom Brady easiest QB to play with

Martellus Bennett had the luxury of playing with two of the best quarterbacks of all time during his NFL career, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. The now-retired tight end was on The Doug Gottlieb Show talking about his NFL career and although he gave praise for both quarterbacks his review of them is interesting.

“I think that no one has more arm talent than Aaron,” Bennett said. “Aaron can pretty much do anything with the ball. I feel like Tom Brady is precise, easier to play with. It was easier to play with Tom than anybody else.”

Bennett said the biggest thing Brady does better is his communication. He goes through the reps so many times to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Brady is going to make sure everyone feels comfortable before moving onto the next thing.

He makes the game easy, what he expects, where he wants you to be, where he’s putting the ball, he does so many repetitions with you, mental reps, physical reps, walk-through, he’s always letting you know,” Bennett said of Brady. “He communicates the best of what he expects. The communication between him and the receiver is on the highest level: What you like to do, what he likes to throw, if you ask him to do something he’ll try it.”

Bennett’s comments aren’t all that surprising and seem to be what most of said about the two guys. Brady is a great quarterback and focuses on everyone while Rodgers has one of the best balls the NFL has ever seen.