NFL news: Pro Bowl winning team's players earn $70K
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Pro Bowl winning team’s players earn $70K


The NFL Pro Bowl is the star-studded appetizer before the Super Bowl, and it’s one of the games that fans will definitely look forward to seeing. While the Pro Bowlers are definitely motivated to win the game, they have another reason to take the game a little bit more seriously.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter revealed the cash prize every Pro Bowler will get depending on the result of the game.

While the amount does not stand up to what they usually earn on a weekly basis, the bragging rights that they get just by being in the Pro Bowl should give them confidence as well. With some of the Pro Bowlers being first-time participants, this NFL exhibition promises to be an entertaining one for fans.

One of the big-name players that fans will be looking to see is Lamar Jackson. His season ended prematurely against the Tennessee Titans, and the MVP favorite will want to put on a dominant display to erase the bad taste in his mouth. Expect him to put on a show during the time he is on the field.

Another exciting player to see is Derrick Henry. He made a lot of AFC playoff brackets moot with his incredible running, and he is happy that his efforts were recognized. He will surely light up the field alongside Jackson.

The NFC will be raring to get this win. The last three NFL Pro Bowls were all won by the AFC, so getting this victory should at least make their week a little bit better.