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Roger Goodell ‘encourages’ NFL teams to go out and sign Colin Kaepernick

Roger Goodell, Colin Kapernick

Amid the conversations pertaining to racial injustices this offseason, Colin Kaepernick’s name has become a topic of conversation in the NFL again. While Kaepernick remains a free agent in the league, commissioner Roger Goodell ‘encourages’ teams to sign him.

“They usually don’t ask me about who they’re gonna sign,” Goodell said. “It starts with that. But that conversation has happened many times and I’ve encouraged them to do that. . . . We had a tryout where 26 clubs came to watch him try out last year and so that was the kind of effort to sort of say, ‘Listen, if you want to continue your career, here’s the opportunity.’ Those are decisions that each individual owner has to make, and their club, their coaches, their General Manager. And I’ve talked to a lot of our clubs about it. And so I’d encourage them, and I’d love to see him play again.”

Goodell shared this in a conversation with NBC’s Mike Tirico, who asked what the commissioner what say if he was asked by a franchise about signing Colin Kaepernick. It’s evident that Goodell has taken a different stance on the free-agent quarterback in the past few months.

Recently, shortly after the release of Madden 21, EA Sports revealed that Kaepernick would be put into the game, marking it as the first time he was in the game since 2016. However, similar to real life, Kaepernick is a free agent in the game.

Despite being blackballed from the NFL due to him speaking out on racial injustices in 2016, Kaepernick has repeatedly said he’d love to get another chance to play football. While there hasn’t been much interest from teams, Goodell is emboldening teams to sign him.

With that being said, it remains to be seen if Goodell’s words prompt a franchise to have a legitimate interest in the 32-year-old quarterback.