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Some NFL teams may not require rookies to report to training camp early

The NFL intends to conduct training camps next month and the specifics are still being discussed. With uncertainty still surrounding training camps, some teams may not require rookies to report early this offseason.

Earlier this month, players in the NFL were in agreement that July 28 would be an ideal date to begin training camps. During a conference call last week, the league informed teams they could have rookies arrive early. Rookies typically report ahead of the veterans every year and the NFL is giving teams an opportunity for them to also do so this year.

Despite the offer, some teams aren’t going to have rookies report early. Instead, teams are going to use those few days to ensure that their facilities are up to COVID-19-prevention standards.

Throughout the offseason, the NFL has been able to keep everything running smoothly for the most part. Altogether, the league was able to conduct free agency normally and held the 2020 NFL Draft virtually. In addition, rather than have normal minicamps, all 32 teams had virtual offseason programs.

Provided that, none of the teams in the NFL have been able to practice with their entire roster together. Furthermore, zero teams have been able to introduce their rookies into the locker room like in previous seasons.

There’s no doubt that teams around the league want to begin getting ready for the upcoming season, especially by getting their rookies up to speed. However, teams realize that there’s not much of an advantage by having rookies report early this year with so many other things to worry about.