After announcing his retirement around two months ago, Tom Brady suddenly came out and announced that he's coming back for his 23rd season to run it back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As expected, the whole world was caught by surprise and even Twitter exploded with all the reactions to the GOAT's announcement. But as all of these things were happening, Brady's rookie card value in the market hasn't reflected what's going on in the sport yet.

While Brady's encore isn't set to happen soon, collectors can expect a lot of movement to happen later this year when the latest NFL season starts. But for now, we tackled down below his recent announcement and how his card value has moved since then.

Tom Brady set to return for his 23rd NFL season

There's no doubt that Brady is truly in a class of his own. At age 44, the Buccaneers' star quarterback has been nothing but dominant throughout his career. Just take last season, for example, when he led the league in passing yards and passing touchdowns while coming in second in MVP voting.

But even after a season dominating at his age, Brady feels that his place is still on the field and there's still some unfinished business to take care of. What that unfinished business is, no one has any clue as of the moment.

What's certain, though, is his long list of accomplishments since he entered the NFL in 2000 as the New England Patriots' 199th pick. In the span of his career, Brady has won the Super Bowl seven times, the league's MVP award three times, the Super Bowl MVP five times, winning the Offensive Player of the Year twice, and Comeback Player of the Year once, among others. Not to mention the countless records he has broken, which includes the most career wins by a QB, passing attempts, completions, and touchdowns.

These accolades and accomplishments make it hard to imagine what else Brady has left to do in the NFL. What's certain, though, is that he still has what it takes to lead the Buccaneers to contend next season with proof of his longevity and talent displayed during his last campaign.

Of course, Tampa Bay is a winner with Brady announcing his return after two months of being retired. With their QB back in the lineup, the Buccs are still in the fight after topping the NFC South last season. The franchise also made several moves during Brady's short retirement that can serve them well with their star back onboard, such as restructuring Vita Vea's contract. This move will open up more cap room and give them more flexibility to create a team that will help Brady have one more shot at the Super Bowl.

It remains to be seen how Tampa Bay will look once the new season hits later this year. What's certain, though, is that  Brady's stock in the card market has found a new lease of life as the legendary QB is set to extend his career by, at the very least, one more year.

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The state of Tom Brady rookie cards

When talking about Brady's rookie cards, the one that stands out from the rest is his 2000 Bowman. But even with his return flooding everyone's newsfeeds, the value of this card hasn't reacted to this particular news just yet.

Tom Brady, Buccaneers, NFL Cards

In a three-month graph by Card Ladder, Brady's PSA 10 Bowman Chrome went down from $19,000 to $16,8100 during the said period. That's an 11.5% drop over the course of 48 confirmed sales on eBay. The silver lining here is that earlier this month, that price went down to as much as $15,600 before rebounding to its current value.

Similar to his PSA 10 value, Brady's Bowman Chrome rookie card encased in a BGS 10 slab is currently down.

Tom Brady, Buccaneers, NFL Cards

In another Card Ladder graph, the said graded card has gone down from $36,000 to $26,000 over the course of three months and five transactions. That's a drop of $10,000 or 27.78%. Even with this drop in value, one must remember that this is just a short-term trend, as compared to Brady's long-term rise from where the card's price was just a couple of years. In any case, these are still GOAT-level cards worthy of the greatest player in NFL history so far.

The verdict on Tom Brady rookie cards

Brady's recent announcement is certainly a welcome one for football card collectors. This gives the hobby another season of his cards, especially those that can be found within the high-end sets produced by Panini. But when it comes to his rookie cards, it's a different story altogether.

Tom Brady rookie card Buccaneers Patriots

Since Brady has established himself as the sport's GOAT, most collectors wouldn't be able to invest in his rookie stock. Even with his prices currently dropping, they're still so far out of reach for the common hobbyist. The key takeaway here is that this drop in value has a ripple effect on his other cards in the market, which would only fall further during the offseason. This, of course, is the ideal time to buy.

When the weeks leading to the new season kicks in, expect those Tom Brady rookie cards and his other stocks to go up again. With all the hype and excitement surrounding him, it's expected his cards will garner attention and demand in the market. As always, the wisest time to buy is when everything's quiet and prices are low to ensure there's enough room for your investments to grow next season.