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Trent Richardson, Connor Cook looking to play in the XFL

Trent Richardson, Connor Cook

Not every player makes it in the NFL, but with other football leagues beginning to pop up, it’s a good chance for some to prove they still have what it takes. For former players like Trent Richardson and Connor Cook, that’s what they’ll be hoping the XFL can do for them.

According to Pro Football Talk, both Richardson and former NFL quarterback Connor Cook will be participating in the XFL’s Summer Showcase this weekend in St. Louis. The Showcase will feature Combine-like events in an effort for players to show off what they can still do to prospective teams.

Richardson – who was the third overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft – has been trying to make his way back to the NFL for some time. Last year, he played in the Alliance of American Football league, where he led the league with 12 touchdowns. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to get him an invitation to an NFL training camp, and so he must continue trying to show off that he still has what it takes.

Cook, the 100th selection in the 2016 NFL Draft, likely has a tougher road. He was an All-Big-Ten quarterback at Michigan State, but never made any real noise in the NFL.

As teams continue to search for quarterbacks to stash on their roster, however, Cook could do enough to entice a team to try him out during training camp, although that is unlikely.

The XFL draft will take place in September, and any player who has attended the multiple Summer Showcases will be eligible for selection.

Richardson and Cook aren’t the only former NFL players hoping to make it back to the big leagues, but being drafted into the XFL could be a step in the right direction for any of them.