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Video: NFL releases epic and legend-filled commercial for NFL 100 during Super Bowl 53

NFL 100

The NFL may have won the battle for best Super Bowl commercial when it released one of the greatest commercials in the history of the big game during the Super Bowl 53 broadcast.

People are always talking about the best commercials each year, but it’s probably going to be hard to beat this one given the amount of talent involved in the video.

It appears that the league decided to go all out for this year’s featured commercial, as they had numerous legends involved in this particular commercial, including Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Deion Sanders, and many others.

It’s impossible to describe the awesomeness of it in words, so you’ll have to see it for yourself to appreciate its greatness:

Again, this is just an unbelievable effort from everyone involved, as the NFL certainly got it right with this particular commercial.

You just aren’t gonna find this many great talents in one location, and knowing how big of a stage it was for commercials, it makes sense that they would make this happen during the most talked about sporting event of the season.

There have been several great commercials thus far, but this one is leading the pack at this point thanks to its awesome creativity.

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