NFL video: Peyton Manning trashes Tom Brady for losing to Eli Manning and Nick Foles
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Peyton Manning trashes Tom Brady for losing to Eli Manning and Nick Foles

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Nick Foles

The much-anticipated golf match between the teams of Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson versus Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods is taking place on Sunday. It didn’t take long for the trash talk to begin. Even before the first tee occurred, Manning took a shot at Brady mentioning Eli Manning and Nick Foles.

Before the match, Peyton Manning was asked who he would have brought as his caddie if he were able to bring someone. While a grin appeared on his face, Peyton exclaimed that he could have had Eli or Foles to be his caddie.

Of course, Eli and Foles are the only quarterbacks that can say they defeated Brady in a Super Bowl. As a matter of fact, Eli has actually done it twice, defeating Brady in the Super Bowl in 2007 and 2011.

After saying he could have brought Eli or Foles, he proceeded to say that he also could have had Bill Belichick make an appearance to make things a bit awkward. Earlier this offseason, Brady left the New England Patriots to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Over the years, there haven’t been many quarterbacks to have much success versus Brady. Even Peyton Manning himself has had his fair share of defeats to Brady and the Patriots throughout his career.

There’s no doubt that Peyton Manning is trying to get into Brady’s head and try to gain an advantage over arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time. Hopefully, there is more trash talk that takes place during Sunday’s match that is for a great cause.

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