Nintendo Switch Sports has been released recently for the Nintendo Switch system, and as a variety of sports games, it contains a very meager amount of content to enjoy. With only six games that are available at launch, and with only one extra sport to be released as DLC this Fall (Golf mode), there isn't much value to round out this package overall. However, it seems that data miners have discovered that Nintendo Switch Sports may be getting more than just one extra DLC update in the future.

In a Twitter post made by “Jack” (@Wipeoutjack7), the user has discovered interesting filenames hidden away inside the game's files and mentioned the discovery of two sports: Basketball and Dodgeball. While it is very possible that these were two sports modes planned at some point but never left the development phase, it's also very possible that these are placeholders for new modes that could be available sometime after the Fall golf mode update.

Adding more sports modes into the game is pretty much a welcome request, as the game's current modes are debating lacking at the moment. Even though the game contains six games compared to the five found in the original Wii Sports, three of those games, Volleyball, Tennis, and Badminton, mechanically play the same when using the Joycons. Of course, compared to Wii Sports Resort, which features over 16 different game modes, the value that Nintendo Switch Sports has seemed even less than before.

While being able to unlock new in-game outfits each week is a nice touch, there definitely needs to be a bit more to see and do in Nintendo Switch Sports, so if Nintendo can manage to release at least a few more game modes, perhaps one per season, it would give players plenty of reason to jump back into the game.

Nintendo Switch Sports is available now for the Nintendo Switch.