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North Carolina news: Accreditation agency considered dropping UNC

North Carolina Tar Heels

The North Carolina Tar Heels were able to hang some banners on Friday with some sense of relief. The NCAA, after over three years of investigating, decided it would not do anything in regards to UNC’s alleged academic fraud which both normal students and student-athletes benefited from.

The governing body of college sports basically said that it had no jurisdiction over academia matters. To be clear, it doesn’t, but why do the investigation at all if that is the case?

Anyway, something more damning reportedly nearly happened. As the NCAA was deciding what it would do to North Carolina, a major nation accreditation agency considered dropping the university.

“Our board debated,” said Belle Whelan to CBS Sports, president of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission, one of the two largest accreditation agencies in the country. “There were some that wanted to drop them.”

The issue any university would face if something like being dropped by an accreditation agency happened is large in its scope. More or less, and it is certainly more, kids just wouldn’t go to that school, as the credits earned there would not actually count. It would be like the movie Accepted, but without Justin Long or any of the fun.

Whelan was apparently shocked that the NCAA didn’t wield its misguided hammer of justice with more force.

“What surprised me is [the NCAA] waited so long to address this in the first place,” Whelan said.

Had this actually happened, and even without the NCAA doing anything, this would have been a huge deal. Nevertheless, apparently at least, UNC will get off free and clear.