DeAndre Jordan won't be competing with Nikola Jokic for the Denver Nuggets' starting center spot, but it looks like he wants to take the Joker title from the Serbian superstar.

In an interview with Mike Singer of the Denver Post, Jordan couldn't help but joke about signing with the Nuggets and the role he'll play with Jokic starting as center.

“Well, he [head coach Michael Malone] told me that I’m gonna come in and start over Nikola (Jokic),” Jordan said.

For what it's worth, DeAndre Jordan knows why the Nuggets signed him in free agency this offseason. They need depth at the center spot, and he's confident he can play a significant role in the second unit and contribute. He knows there might not be a lot of opportunities for him given the iron man that Jokic is, but he'll be ready when his number is called–how long he stays on the court doesn't matter, as long as he makes his presence felt.

“Obviously everybody knows that Nikola is the head of the snake, so with that, my role being obviously coming off the bench, helping our second unit with pace, screens and getting guys open, getting guys better shots and also finishing everything that I can in transition, offensive rebounds, controlling the glass for our unit, also being a defensive presence for however long I’m out there,” Jordan furthered on his role with the Nuggets.

It will definitely be interesting to see how Jordan's time with Denver will pan out. He's no longer the same elite athlete who used to dominate with the Lob City Clippers, but at a backup role, he could very well be a nice pickup for Denver.