Nuggets rumors: Denver could pounce on chance to get Andre Iguodala in buyout market, add championship experience
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RUMOR: Nuggets could pounce on chance to get Andre Iguodala in buyout market, add championship experience

Andre Iguodala, Mavs

The Denver Nuggets could stage a reunion with former star Andre Iguodala if the opportunity to scoop him up from the buyout market comes along. The Nuggets won’t present an easy shot to playing time, boasting one of the deepest rosters in the league, but they could be seduced by Iguodala, who could add some much-needed championship experience.

No player in the Nuggets roster has won a title, and Iguodala has won three of them, including a Finals MVP award in 2015.

The Nuggets are heading into the season with one roster spot available, but beat reporter Nick Kosmider of The Athletic told his colleague Omari Sankofa II that the team is more likely to pursue Iguodala as a free agent after clearing waivers than trade for him.

However, Kosmider entertained a potential trade avenue:

“The Nuggets really like Juancho Hernangomez, the No. 15 overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, but a combination of ill-timed injuries and a crowded roster has limited his impact through the first three seasons of his career. A floor-spacer like Hernangomez might be perfect complement to the Ja Morant-Jaren Jackson duo upon which Memphis is constructing its rebuild. All of that said, Denver may prefer to see what happens with Iguodala’s situation and pounce if he hits the buyout market.”

There’s a reason why the Memphis Grizzlies haven’t been able to trade Iguodala thus far, and that has a lot to do with their asking price.

The Grizzlies are asking for a first-round pick in exchange for the veteran — a price other interested teams like the Dallas Mavericks, the San Antonio Spurs, and the Nuggets are likely reluctant to pay, despite having some interest in him.