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Kevin Durant says Nikola Jokic will be force for a long time

Nikola Jokic

There are plenty centers out there trying to be point guards but there’s arguably no one who can do it better and more efficient than Denver Nuggets unicorn Nikola Jokic.

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant has taken notice of the seemingly endless potential of Jokic, elaborating to Adam Mares of Denverstiffs.com why he thinks the 22-year Serbian is a superstar in the making.

“Man he’s different, he’s different. He’s still young, though. You gotta let him still develop and grow. But his feel for the game for a young player like that is different. The way he passes, the way he pushes the break, shoot the three, shoot the mid-range. Now it’s just a matter of consistently every single day just knowing the work habits and knowing how hard it is to lead your team every night to a W.

“That’s something that every young player goes through, especially as talented as him. He’s going to figure it out at some point and he’s going to be a force for a long time.”

On the season, Jokic is posting 15.6 points, 11.6 rebounds, and 4.5 assists per game. On top of those numbers, he’s also shooting 43.8 percent from beyond the arc while taking 3.2 3-pointers each contest. Overall, he’s a 51.3 percent shooter from the field.

There aren’t many chinks in the armor of Jokic, who, aside from being an excellent post operator, could also run the break notwithstanding the thin air in Denver.

As mentioned earlier, Jokic is just 22 and the future of the Nuggets rests heavily on his shoulders. But from what we’re seeing from him, it’s clear that he’s up to the challenge of taking Denver to heights the franchise has never reached before.