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Nuggets’ Michael Malone says what they lack in big names they make up for in depth, chemistry

Michael Malone, Nuggets

Amid all the big player movements that occurred this summer that have made mid-tier teams into contenders, Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone remains confident in his team’s depth and chemistry.

Per Harrison Wind of BSN Denver, Malone believes that his team — which he led to a 54-win season — has the capacity to match up against teams with big-name stars.

“You can align superpowers and go to these places like some teams are doing. We feel while we may not have the marquee names, we have the depth, the chemistry, the comradery, and the culture that is just as important at times.”

Malone is referring to teams such as the LA Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, and Brooklyn Nets who have stacked their roster by acquiring superstars. Subsequently, their additions have quickly made them into favorites to compete for the title.

This is true, especially in the tough Western Conference. Last year, the Lakers failed to qualify for the postseason due to chemistry issues as well as injuries. But this time around, they are the favorites to possibly lock in the top spot and eventually win the championship. The Clippers, too, despite their seemingly short-handed roster, made it all the way to the playoffs.

This places the Nuggets at a predicament. The West is already tough as it is. With the impending rise of teams like the Lakers and Clippers, can they replicate their success last season? Or even better, can they improve upon it?