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Nuggets’ Michael Porter Jr. reportedly reveals Adam Silver’s contact information on Snapchat

Michael Porter Jr.

Former Missouri Tigers standout and current Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. has yet to officially suit up as an NBA player. However, the former first round NBA Draft pick is currently making some interesting headlines as the up-and-coming swingman recently released some very intriguing information via social media.

It appears as though Porter Jr. inadvertently revealed the direct contact information for NBA Commissioner Adam Silver while taking a Snapchat during a recent conference.

The NBA couldn’t be more popular at the moment while both Silver and the league have eyes on them at all times these days. With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before someone spotted Porter Jr.’s error and reached out to Silver himself while the NBA Commissioner even appeared to have responded to a text message regarding such an occurrence.

Even so, Silver is one of if not the most progressive leaders in professional sports today as this surely won’t be a huge issue going forward. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if Silver had a talk with the league’s current players regarding the pros and cons of utilizing social media platforms.

In this case, Silver may want to spend a bit more time covering the cons — for his own sake…

Nonetheless, the NBA offseason has gone quite smoothly with players garnering huge contracts and switching teams like underwear.

With the league’s popularity seemingly increasing by the day, Silver’s contact information will only become the next hot topic to surround the NBA this summer.