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Report: President Tim Connelly to remain with Nuggets after meeting with Wizards

Tim Connelly, Nuggets

Denver Nuggets president Tim Connelly will remain with the franchise, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Connelly had met with Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis on Friday to talk about the potential of filling the vacancy at the same position after the Wizards fired longtime president Ernie Grunfeld after 16 seasons with the team. While Leonsis made a strong pitch, Josh Kroenke made his own aggressive case to Connelly and convinced him to stay.

The Nuggets had expressed a willingness to let Connelly interview for the position considering the young executive’s deep ties to the Mid-Atlantic region of the country and some extenuating family considerations, according to Wojnarowski.

Connelly holds the Nuggets organization in high regard and would have only considered an overture from the Wizards considering his family circumstances:

“Connelly and Nuggets president and governor Josh Kroenke maintain a strong relationship,” wrote Wojnarowski on Friday. “It is unlikely that Connelly would’ve sought to consider another job except for the Wizards.”

The Nuggets are coming off falling to the Portland Trail Blazers in seven games during the Western Conference Semifinals, a massive leap after coming a win shy of making the postseason in 2017-18. The organization has grown around the leadership of franchise star Nikola Jokic and coach Michael Malone, along with a front office that has struck gold in the draft and built pillars to their own success.

The Wizards, however, face a daunting task ahead of them this offseason, in which they will have to decide whether they trade star Bradley Beal or build with him on the roster moving forward — a critical decision that could hinge on whether Beal makes an All-NBA team and becomes eligible for a supermax extension or not.

Washington will shift its focus back to the other candidates: OKC’s Troy Weaver, Danny Ferry and interim GM Tommy Sheppard.