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Slight chance Michael Porter Jr. could still play in Nuggets’ last Summer League game

Nuggets, Michael Porter Jr, NBA Summer League

Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. was recently sidelined when he sprained his knee in a scrimmage game. Initial reports indicated that the team would keep him out of the 2019 NBA Summer League as a precautionary measure. Now, though, it sounds like there is “an outside chance” he’ll play:

The Nuggets selected Porter with the 14th overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. There were some teams that were a bit leery of drafting the former Missouri standout, as he was still recovering from a lower back injury that forced him to miss the majority of the 2017-18 NCAA season. Denver, however, felt confident in its decision, though the team ultimately decided to hold their new prospect out for the entirety of his rookie season after another back surgery was required.

Now, with a couple of back surgeries under his belt, Porter is making his way back to playing shape, and it sounds like he’s well on his way. If he is indeed unleashed in the desert sands of Las Vegas, he’ll likely be playing on a minutes restriction.

The Nuggets have a talented roster for the coming season, and there is no doubt the team will be looking to make a push for the title. Exactly what sort of role Porter is going to play remains to be seen, as he can play a variety of positions. For the record, he says he is comfortable at shooting guard, but small forward and power forward are also options.

“That’s where they have me right now. That’s where I feel most comfortable, out on the perimeter, handling the ball,” Porter told Chris Dempsey of Nuggets.com in June. “So, that’s where I feel the best. That’s where they have me at. So, I guess that’s what they see in me, and that’s pretty cool.”

Either way, Denver has high hopes for Porter and can’t wait to see him finally take the floor.