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Trae Young reacts to Nuggets PG Facundo Campazzo’s mind-bending no-look pass in FIBA clash

Trae Young Facundo Campazzo Nuggets Hawks FIBA

Trae Young is no stranger to making a highlight reel pass. The Atlanta Hawks point guard has averaged over nine assists per game over his career. But even he had to give it up for Denver Nuggets guard Facundo Campazzo’s unreal dish during the FIBA Americas qualifiers for his native Argentina.

Check out the Nuggets guard go full Rajon Rondo on this slick no-look assist to former NBA veteran Carlos Delfino for a corner three:

Given that the two are among the elder statesmen on the Argentinian National Team, they probably have that chemistry built in for trust-dependent plays like that. Delfino drifted towards the wing from the corner almost expecting a pass from Campazzo.

Trae Young had to give it up to the Nuggets PG for pulling off what would have made highlight reels aplenty in the NBA.

“This dude be hoopin fr,” said the Hawks star.

Facundo Campazzo certainly was hooping in their 88-77 win over Panama. He finished with 19 points and a game-high eight assists and four steals.

Facu has long been an international hoops sensation, dazzling audiences with his highlight plays while also catching NBA scouts’ attention with his consistent production on the court. That’s what led him to sign a two-year deal with the Denver Nuggets back in 2020.

He’s currently a free agent, but the 31-year-old has made it clear his intent is to stick around in the NBA if he can latch on to another team or if the Nuggets come to terms on a new deal.

Via TeamFacu (Translated by Twitter):

“Facu, in case there were any doubts: “My priority 1, 2 and 3 is to continue in the NBA. For now, I don’t have in mind to return to Europe. It is obvious that at some point it will happen, but not now. I have it very clear: I want to try again, in whatever franchise it is, but to try again.”