Nuggets video: Jamal Murray's lost shoe leads to costly turnover for Denver
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Jamal Murray’s lost shoe leads to costly turnover for Denver

Jamal Murray, Nuggets

Jamal Murray had it going against the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday night. When his team needed a big shot most, though, a wardrobe malfunction cost the Denver Nuggets star the chance to take it.

With just over one minutes and 20 seconds remaining in the first overtime of Game 3, Murray lost his shoe in the midst of Denver securing an offensive rebound. Rather than sprinting to the ball to initiate his vaunted two-man game with Nikola Jokic, Murray was left out of the play entirely, contributing to a crucial Nuggets turnover.

Clearly, Jamal Murray wasn’t watching Game 6 of the 2013 Finals. The Miami Heat’s wild come-from-behind win over the San Antonio Spurs is most remembered for Ray Allen’s instant-classic game-tying three-pointer with several seconds left in regulation, but it might not have been possible if not for another crazy three-pointer from Mike Miller.

Early in the fourth quarter, as the Heat began mounting an arduous comeback, the veteran sharp-shooter, stepped out of his shoe, tossed it to the Miami bench, and re-located to the opposite wing. Lebron James saw one of the league’s best shooters all alone, and Miller, wearing one shoe, made the Spurs pay.

If the first three games of this series between the Nuggets and Blazers are any indication, Murray will have ample opportunity for crunch-time heroics – with or without both shoes.