Michael Porter Jr., Denver Nuggets' 14th overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, is looking great as he effortlessly unloaded a windmill dunk.

From Porter Jr.'s Instagram via Brandon Ewing of Mile High Sports, below is a clip of the former high school standout unleashing a vicious windmill slam.


The Nuggets opted to rest the 20-year-old stud for the whole season to give his back more time to rehabilitate. To recall, weeks before the NBA Draft, Porter Jr.'s test results became a cause of concern for most teams. He was touted as a top-five pick but negative rumors about his physical test results forced his draft stock to plummet.

Based on the clip, however, it seems that Michael Porter Jr. hasn't lost a tad bit of athleticism. Nuggets fans might have forgotten about him due to the team's success, especially with Nikola Jokic blossoming into an All-Star while others have developed into great role players.

But from the looks of it, the Nuggets are incubating a supreme athlete. The team hasn't really given an update as to how Porter Jr. is doing. All we have for now is the highlight dunk above. While it doesn't say much, it's still a good sign of things to come.