After having his shot at Wes Lee’s North American Championship stolen by Von Wagner due to interference by Dijak, Tony D’Angelo came to NXT with a lot of things on his to-do list. First came taking care of Mr. Stone’s client in the ring, a matter made particularly easy due to Wagner’s current confusion about where he stands in the promotion. From there, D’Angelo was given a chance to address Dijak on the mic by Kelly Kincaid, and after putting over his good pal Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo on the mic, “The Don of NXT” absolutely went off on his much taller rival.

“Stacks, you get it, but do you know who doesn’t get it? The ‘Mr. Street Justic,’ Dijak,” D’Angelo said. “Dijak, we’ve been at this for a couple of months now, I think it’s time we put this to an end.”

When Kincaid asked about how he plans on doing that, Tony D was ready with a very interesting response.

“Well, funny you asked,” Tony D’Angelo said. “Me and Stacks, we thought of a few different ideas of how to make Dijak disappear, but I decided that I’m going to handle this in the ring, So Dijak, listen: you and me, one last time, at NXT Roadblock, in a Jailhouse Street Fight. Because when it’s all said and done, I’m gonna be putting you in solitary confinement. You’ve got seven days to answer, don’t make me come find you.”

Whoa, what is a “Jailhouse Street Fight?” Fortunately, fans will find out in two weeks time at NXT Roadblock.