After securing a win in a wild North American Championship Open Challenge that saw Tony D’Angelo leapfrogged by Von Wagner, Wes Lee stopped by the backstage area of NXT to talk about it just how “chaotic” it was.

“That is correct, but I absolutely loved… but I loved every minute of it,” Wes Lee said. “I give Von credit, he definitely brought it to me out there.”

Asked what he has planned next, Lee was complementary of Mitchell and of his competition.

“McKenzie, this is why I love you, you always come with the hard-hitting questions,” Lee said. “Look, I love to LA as the NA Champion but I can’t look to the horizon too much because then I’ll forget what’s right in front of me. And I know that the people of the WWE Universe really like this open challenge concept, as much as I do, and I know that there are plenty of cats in the back that still want another shot, so next week, I’m gonna do it again, girl.”

When asked why he would put himself at a disadvantage going up against a mystery opponent once more, Lee explains why he’s so willing to lay it all on the line.

“It’s just who I am,” Lee said before giving Mitchell a high five and walking out of the interview with a smile on his face.

Is Lee setting himself up for failure with another open challenge, or will fortune favor his boldness and lead the former tag team specialist to even more singles success? Fans will have to tune into NXT next week to find out.