After announcing an open challenge on the previous edition of NXT, Wes Lee's ultimate foe on Valentine's Day came into a bit of contention when the duo of Tony D'Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo were physically jumped by Dijak and jumped in line by Von Wagner, who tried to beat Lee but ultimately failed in his pursuit of the North American Championship.

Heading to the back to discuss his efforts, Lee told Kelly Kincaid that while he's happy to still be champion, he won't be satisfied with his run just yet.

“Kelly, I believe Mark Henry said it best: this is what I do,” Lee said. “Like, I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it: I am a fighting champion. It doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest or the smallest, the fastest or the strongest: if you feel that you can step up, by all means step up, because I only want to face the best. But I want whoever stands across the ring from me to understand that I will do anything to retain my championship. And I will do anything and everything to make sure that everyone knows that the NXT North American Championship lives and dies on the Wes side.”

Who's going next at the North American Championship? Will Dijak get his rematch? Will Wagner get his rematch? And what about Tony D and “Stacks?” Will the boss or the underboss get a crack at adding the North American Championship to their resume? Either way, Lee appears ready to keep it rocking on the Wes side.