What happens when a pair of tag team champions start a feud with each other? Well, the WWE Universe is about to find out, as the lone Women's Tag Team Champions in the company, Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez of NXT, just saw their union foiled by the former turning a totally not gimmicked skateboard on her former friend.


Yikes on all accounts.

Now, excluding the fact that Jade did not, in fact, make Perez, as she was an absolute beast on the indies and was the first woman ever to win the Ring of Honor Woman's Championship at the tender age of 19 – beating a wrestler, Miranda Alize, who was nearly a decade older for the honor no less – but she did take the woman formerly known as Rok-C under her belt early on in her NXT run and the duo did find a good bit of success both in single action and as a tag team, culminating in their championship win over Toxic Attraction. After all of this time, is Jade in allegiance with Mandy Rose and company? Or, as Wade Barrett suggested on commentary, maybe she is simply jealous of the now-20-year-old's success in the developmental brand; success she has yet to reach herself?

Either way, if Perez's social media posts are of any indication, after taking a night to “cry” out her feelings, the Texas native is out for revenge on the gal she once considered her biggest supporter, partner, and friend in the NXT section of the WWE Universe.