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Ohio State football news: Urban Meyer concerned with night games

Ohio State Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer has never been afraid to speak his mind. Whether that is complaining about other coaches complaining, or a slew of other things, at least he is honest (kind of) in his own ideas and is willing to share them.

There’s something new that is bothering Urban Meyer these days. No. It isn’t him once again taking shots at other coaches. This time, it is about the Big Ten schedule — or, more accurately, the number of night games in it.

“I understand TV contracts are kind of ruling, but when you start talking about student-athletes, they shouldn’t have to play four night games on the road,” Meyer said, according to The Blade. “I talked to [Ohio State director of athletics] Gene Smith about it and I’m going to bring it up to [Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany]. We’ll find out if we really do care about getting home at four o’clock in the morning four times. You don’t do that.”

This isn’t — supposedly — some selfish opinion had by Urban Meyer. Nope. It is for the kids!

“In my opinion, very strong opinion, when I start thinking about players and what’s expected of them during the week, if you can’t recover, you don’t get those hours back,” Meyer said. “I’m talking about academically, I’m talking about just your body, and the student-athlete welfare. They should not play four night games on the road.”

I like that whenever a coach has something to complain about, the “kids” are always brought into it.