Ohio State football has always had stacked rosters that ran through the Big Ten conference. The team's hopes of competing for a national championship are almost certainly alive during the college football season. But, Marvin Harrison Jr. senses something different in the squad that was crafted by Ryan Day. Specifically, he smells that a legend is in their presence and he goes by the name of Carnell Tate out of IMG Academy.

The 6-foot-1 freshman out of IMG Academy has shown a lot of promise during the Ohio State football program's training camp. He had already impressed coach Ryan Day before even committing to the Buckeyes. Now, his mission is to shock all of college football starting with the Big Ten conference. Marvin Harrison Jr. thinks that his mission might come easily. He unveiled his thoughts on the freshman in his latest statement, via Lantern Sports.

“He's amazing. Handles his business. He's always in the right spot, catches the ball, and runs great routes,” the Buckeyes star said about his receiver. The Ohio State football legend further declares that Tate will be set on having an epic career, “So I'm excited to really see, you know, what his career looks like. I think he could be one of the best receivers to ever come from Ohio State.”


There are a lot of expectations that were paved ahead for Carnell Tate. The Ohio State football freshman even got compared to Cincinnati Bengals' Tyler Boyd before announcing his commitment. Will he be able to push through despite the massive pressure?