Oklahoma Sooners quarterback General Booty is wasting no time in taking advantage of his name to earn money. Since college football players are now allowed to create income streams thanks to the NIL rule, it is no surprise that Booty is capitalizing on his viral-ready name to sell merchandise. His latest? The General's Crimson Cream.

General Booty is definitely making Oklahoma football fans proud with his marketing skills, as you can see in a promotional video he recently uploaded via his Twitter account.

“Being a student-athlete isn't easy. Between class, practice and other commitments, it's hard to find time for proper skin care” says the caption accompanying the video. ” That's why I created General's Crimson Cream, for men who want to keep their skin silky smooth even when they're on the go.”

The General's Crimson Cream is promoted as “the epitome of the classic manly scent, blood orange margarita is strong yet complex with just enough soft notes to be attractive to your lady friends,” according to the product's description on Crimsoncreamcollective.com.

It's not the first product that General Booty tried to sell since arriving in Norman. Last year, he sold shirts that hilarious Booty-themed prints.

General Booty committed to play for Oklahoma football in May 2022 and enrolled at Oklahoma a month later. However, he has yet to see action for the Sooners, an opportunity he can look forward to in 2023

In the 2022 college football season, Oklahoma football finished with just a 6-7 overall record, just enough for them to qualify for a bowl game.