Oklahoma football head coach Brent Venables can breathe a sigh of relief: his sophomore linebacker Jaren Kanak is back in harness.

Venables and the Oklahoma football faithful received a scare when Kanak got hit in the chest area in the fourth quarter of their 20-6 road victory over Cincinnati this past weekend. It was No. 14 Oklahoma football to hits fourth consecutive win.

Jaren Kanak's injury looked severe after FOX television cameras showed him boarding an ambulance next to the end zone. He was hooked up to a tube-like contraption. Worse, witnesses saw him coughing up blood, per SI.com's John E. Hoover. Kanak appeared to have taken a leg to the chest after he tried to pass rush Cincinnati quarterback Emory Jones.

“(Kanak) got hit in the chest. The early results are things will be okay. We had him checked out locally. Everything will continue to check out,” Brent Venables said after Oklahoma football's win on Saturday.

Venables broke the news that Jaren Kanak returned to Oklahoma football full-contact practice on his radio show on Monday.

“He's all good to go,” inside linebacker Danny Stutsman said.

Oklahoma football has surpassed expectations in Brent Venables' second season at the helm. They had an underachieving 6-7 win-loss record in 2022. It was their worst showing since the 1999 NCAA season.

Venables and Co. have turned things around in 2023. He raved about quarterback Dillon Gabriel and Oklahoma football's smothering defense in the win over Cincinnati. Will they maintain their momentum against Iowa State football next weekend? Stay tuned.