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Outer Wilds Echoes of the Eye expansion coming this September

Outer Wilds Echoes of the Eye expansion coming this September

Sci-fci exploration game, The Outer Wilds, will be getting a new expansion this September. The game was one of the biggest indie surprises from 2019. It featured a compelling premise: exploring an unknown galaxy. In addition to this is a 22-minute time loop.

The Echoes of the Eye expansion will introduce new mysteries to the galaxy. The official Steam page states: “A new museum exhibit that marks the trailhead for one last journey into the wilds. Should you pull at the thread and unravel the solar system’s deepest secret, or is some knowledge better left in the dark?”

This is supposedly linked to an anomaly that players can’t attribute to any known location in the solar system. The expansion will allow players to “illuminate the darkest secrets of The Outer Wilds”. In an official press release with PlayStation, Mobius Games’ Creative Director, Alex Beachum stated:

“You might be wondering why we chose to add content when Outer Wilds is already a complete experience. As a relatively small and un-established studio we needed a project to immediately follow Outer Wilds that wasn’t too big or crazy, while still allowing us to grow as developers and hopefully deliver something that would appeal to fans of Outer Wilds.”

They also said that Echoes of the Eye will give players a substantial amount of content to explore. The devs also aim to meaningfully add to the game’s narrative. The new locations will also feature “more depth than any existing location in the solar system.”

The Outer WildsEchoes of the Eye expansion releases on Steam and the Epic Games store for $15 on September 28.