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Pacers legend Reggie Miller makes shocking admission about ‘soft’ NBA

Reggie Miller, Indiana Pacers, LeBron James, James Harden

Indiana Pacers legend Reggie Miller acknowledges that the NBA has made the league a lot softer than past eras.

In the 90s, Reggie Miller was considered as one of the most durable shooting guards in the NBA. Despite his slim and lanky appearance, Miller had quite a tough guy reputation inside the court, having clashed with the likes of Michael Jordan and John Starks.

Sharing his thoughts on the modern-day NBA, Miller, who played 18 seasons with the Pacers, stressed that unlike today, players were not pampered during his time and even injuries didn’t stop him from playing basketball.

“I felt guilty when I didn’t play, even when I had a sprained ankle and I was able to play at 70, 75 percent, and I knew I could go,” Miller said on The Dan Patrick Show. “I felt guilty sitting out. I knew I could probably still shoot. Would I be able to move laterally on that ankle? Probably not, but I knew if the ball came to me and I was wide open, I still could be able to shoot, and that would help my team. So I felt guilty for not being on the floor. I felt guilty by leaving Dale and Antonio, and Rik Smits out there, so I always wanted to play.”

“I just felt if you was healthy enough if you could run up and down, if you can contribute to your team, you play,” he added. “On the flip side, I get it. We made this league so soft nowadays, and I get it, but it wasn’t in my DNA to sit out. It’s hard for me to do that.”