Packers news: Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson back team doctor
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Packers talents Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson back team doctor

Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Former Green Bay Packers tight end Martellus Bennett, only moments after landing with the New England Patriots, took aim at team the latter’s team doctor, Pat McKenzie. Now, however, Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson have come out to fully back Green Bay’s entire medical staff.

For context first, Bennett absolutely trashed McKenzie and the Packers for how they handled his shoulder injury.

“Dr. McKenzie didn’t make [me] feel safe and was pushing to play which I thought was weird,” Bennett wrote. “Not that he was trying to get me to play thru it but the way he was saying things. I didn’t trust him. So I got three other opinions from doctors who all said I need to get it fixed. So I decided to do that. And they decided to waive me with some bulls–t excuse.”

Jordy Nelson, because 2017, took to social media to defend McKenzie and the Packers medical team.

“In 10 years of being with the Packers organization and having multiple injuries and surgeries, I have never once felt pressured to play in a game,” Nelson said. “If anything, I have had to try and convince Dr. McKenzie and the athletic trainers to allow me to practice or play in a game. Dr. McKenzie is very cautious about putting players back on the field with an injury and always puts the player’s health before the team.”

Aaron Rodgers went a step deeper in the defense of the doctor, going as far as calling him a friend.

“I’ve been working with Dr. McKenzie for 13 years, and as well as being a phenomenal doctor, he’s also become a close friend,” Rodgers wrote on his social media accounts. “He’s done surgery on me twice, and I trust him and his opinion implicitly. Doc has always tried to protect me and my future, even if it meant protecting me from myself and my desire to get back on the field before I should. #gbpfamily #mydoc #ibackpat”

So, uh, this is a lot. Who is telling the truth?